Moms Most Likely To: Change the Whole Village

Moms Most Likely To: Change the Whole Village

Matongwe is the name of a Mothers Group in Suza zone in Malawi. Matongwe is one of several groups that have taken an increasingly active role in supporting the students and school in their village. Mothers Group members have many activities. They divide themselves into smaller groups and go house-to-house in the community to encourage absentee students to regularly go to school. They advocate for a focus on of girls’ interests in School Improvement Plans (SIP). They also assist children in need with basic school needs such as notebooks, school uniforms, pencils, pens, and other sundries. They visit the school and take attendance. They call for special meetings with all girls to advise them on basic life skills and discuss issues to do with girls’ education. These supermoms have even gotten the village chiefs to both fund their work and impose fines on parents whose children are absent from school.

But they haven’t stopped there.  The group has successfully ended child labor and rescued three children (all boys) who worked in estates; all three are now back at school. Their next feat will be growing soya beans and maize for a school feeding program.

Matongwe has increased the visibility and popularity of Mothers Groups in the entire area, such that all parents in the eight surrounding villages are well aware of the group activities in supporting girls’ education.