Water+ Projects

Water+ Projects

Water+ is about linking water to other sectors and interventions so that we can make the biggest impact possible. It is about sanitation and hygiene, but also about water for agriculture, for livelihoods, for nutrition, for keeping girls in schools, for helping women to be leaders and more. Water+ helps us achieve more with less and respond to the complex, inter-related needs of the people we work with.

Our life-changing and lifesaving programs help:

  • People access clean, safe water, especially during times of disaster
  • School leadership and students learn and experience the link between education and water, sanitation and hygiene services
  • Families increase sustainable access to water through pumps, wells and storage containers
  • Families adopt sanitation technologies and handwashing to impact their social status and health
  • Governments develop and implement sound policies on water and sanitation services
  • Farmers learn how to efficiently use water for irrigation and livestock
  • Marginalized groups learn about their legal rights to water
  • And much more

CARE conducts Water+ work in over 40 countries around the world. Below are a sample of some of the major projects that we have been doing. 


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The Kenya Resilient Arid Lands Partnership for Integrated Development (Kenya RAPID) mobilizes financial and technical resources from development partners, national government, county government, and the private sector to support sustainable WASH and resilient livelihoods. 

USAID Nutrition and Hygiene Project

The USAID Nutrition and Hygiene project aims to integrate nutrition, WASH and agricultural interventions in three regions of Mali.


Testing-WASH Implementation Models for Neglected Tropical Disease Prevention (I-WASHNTDs) Project in Ethiopia, supported by the Johnson and Johnson foundation, was initiated in February of 2015 to investigate barriers to and successes in WASH-NTD collaboration.


SWASH+ is a school WASH program in Kenya that has conducted a wide range of work and studies over the last 10 years. 

Lowlands WASH Ethiopia

Lowlands WASH, funded by USAID, is a large project working in three lowland areas of Ethiopia where water scarcity and food insecurity are major challenges.

Water Smart Agriculture (WaSA)

Water Smart Agriculture (WaSA) is a set of approaches where we work with smallholder farmers (focusing on women) to increase yields while using water wisely.