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CARE's Climate Resilient Food and Nutrition Security Work

As the world continues its trend of rising inequality, increasingly unjust and broken food systems have led to nearly 800 million people going hungry today. This trend, if not addressed, will result in a staggering 1.4 billion food insecure people by 2050. CARE knows that just and sustainable food systems are possible, but only if we actively address injustice and build systems that serve the needs of the entire global population.

Our goal is to improve the food and nutrition security of 50 million people by 2050, and aggressively address the injustices in global food systems. How do we do this? We focus on building SuPER food systems that address the needs of today’s world, and the needs of future generations. SuPER food systems are Sustainable, Productive (including profitable and nutritious), Equitable, and Resilient.

To achieve our goal of having 50 million poor and vulnerable people improve their food and nutrition security and their resilience to climate change, CARE works to strengthen gender equality and women’s voice, promotes inclusive governance, and works to create resilience. This focus Beyond Productivity works to create opportunities for the poorest and most vulnerable people. In FY16, CARE worked with over 28.6 million participants and had over 619 projects in 62 countries that focused on food and nutrition security. This work spans nutrition, smallholder agriculture, sustainable economies, and humanitarian assistance. We also focus on multiplying our impact with our work in advocacy and research, including key partnerships and alliances.



Technical Pillars

To ensure maximum impact, we work through four key pillars of Nutrition, Smallholder Agriculture, Sustainable Economies, and Humanitarian Action.

Our Projects

In 2016, CARE had more than 619 projects in Food and Nutrition Security and Climate Change that worked with more than 28.6 million people.  See the results from some of our flagship programs.

Our Approaches

We focus on applying proven methods to reduce food and nutrition insecurity and on generating innovations to solve the thorniest development programs.  Take a look at our key approaches.

Our Partnerships

CARE partners with other to get the best programming, evidence, and impact possible.  Find out who we work with, including: International Fund for Agricultural Development, Cornell University, FAO, and more.

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