Women on the Move: Annual Impact Report FY 18

When women come together in safe spaces, they can use their collective power and voice to bring about change for a more equitable world. CARE’s and other development actors’ experience have shown that women-led savings groups are an ideal platform for promoting women’s economic empowerment, women’s voices and gender equality.

Inspired by the incredible power that these savings groups hold at local and national levels, CARE developed a strategy called Women on the Move (WoM) to mobilize a critical mass of women and girls in savings groups in West Africa, where they can assert their basic economic rights1. The strategy builds on the savings group model called Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLA), launched in 1991 by CARE in Niger. It aims to multiply impact in two ways: i) supporting the expansion of groups to increase women’s and girls’ social and economic investment and ii) multiplying the impact of savings groups through their collective action to influence change at local, national and regional levels.