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If we want to create meaningful change across the garment industry, we can’t work alone.

We have seen many encouraging stories of change and we want to ensure this impact reaches more women across Asia. This is why CARE works in collaboration with many different partners, from industry associations to women’s groups to government and UN organizations.

Private sector companies are key partners in this work. We have already worked in more than 200 factories in the supply chains of 13 global garment brands, so we understand how to engage with companies in ways that positively benefit both their workers and their business.

Supporting the labour movement is crucial for achieving change in the garment industry so we partner with national trade unions to help raise the voices of women within them.  We work alongside the International Trade Union Confederation - Asia Pacific (ITUC-AP) as part of a global campaign to end violence and harassment at work and are forging new partnerships with organizations such as HomeNet South Asia (HNSA) and others.

Our offices in many countries in Asia have established relationships with relevant industry associations and regularly share learning on best practices at factory level.

You can find more information about our partnerships in the Made by Women: Dignified Work in Asia Impact Report 2018.

Is your organization working towards the same goals? Read more about the goals of the Made by Women strategy and get in touch with the strategy’s Coordinator.

Preventing violence at work

CARE worked with factory managers in Cambodia to help them prevent sexual harassment at work. We aim to scale up this successful model and expand to more countries.

Empowering Women to Take the Lead

CARE supports women in Bangladesh to speak together with a united voice. We want to encourage more women to become leaders in the industry.

DW- ILO Convention

ILO Convention to End Violence

What is it and what can you do to raise awareness?

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“When the factory started to work on a solution, there were fewer cases [of sexual harassment] happening.”

DW- ILO Convention

Learn From Our Experience

We share our insight into the industry. 

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CARE works to improve workers' rights.

DW- ILO Convention

Show Solidarity

Add your voice to campaigns for improved protections.

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The program, “Economic Empowerment for Female Garment Workers” is designed to research, identify, and test digital financial tools and deliver complementary education that can be scaled in the future.

DW- ILO Convention

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