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Since 2016, our sustained focus on empowerment of women in the garment industry has created positive change for tens of thousands of women, with the potential to impact millions.


What started as standardized tools for preventing sexual harassment in factories in Cambodia is now helping make factories safer for women in four countries across South-East Asia. Our focus on preventing workplace sexual harassment has improved industry assessments and brought together industry leaders to develop practical solutions.

Our experience shows the most effective way to bring about change for large numbers of workers is to support women with the skills and opportunity to take action themselves. In Bangladesh, CARE has helped develop the leadership, communication and negotiation skills of more than 35,000 women workers in the last decade. Under Made by Women this is expanding to more countries – such as Indonesia and Vietnam – and we’re seeing more and more positive changes driven by women themselves.

We have seen many encouraging stories of change and we want to ensure this impact reaches more women across Asia.

Is your organization working towards the same goals? Read more about the goals of the Made by Women strategy and get in touch with the strategy’s Coordinator.

Learn more about our achievements in the Made by Women Impact Report.

Preventing Violence at Work

CARE worked with factory managers in Cambodia to help them tackle sexual harassment at work. We're working within the industry to expand this successful model in more countries. 

Women Taking the Lead

CARE supports women to speak with a united voice and take action together. We want to encourage more women to become leaders in the industry.

DW- Empowering Women

Empowering Women to Take the Lead

Women in Bangladesh are having their voices heard. 

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Women employed in garment factories in Bangladesh are becoming leaders at work and in their own communities.

DW- ILO Convention

ILO Convention to End Violence

What is it and what can you do to raise awareness?

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“When the factory started to work on a solution, there were fewer cases [of sexual harassment] happening.”

DW - Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement

CARE works with employers and companies to support them in making improvements.

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A woman with braces uses a screwdriver to fix a machine.

DW- Our Influence

Our Influence

We engage with governments, unions and private companies to create positive change.

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The program, “Economic Empowerment for Female Garment Workers” is designed to research, identify, and test digital financial tools and deliver complementary education that can be scaled in the future.

DW- Our Insights

Our Insights

We share our insights into women working in the garment industry. 

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CARE works to improve workers' rights.

DW- Our Partnerships

Our Partnerships

Learn about our partners and the changes we’re supporting.

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A woman wearing a coral-colored scarf smiles while gathering light blue cloth together.

DW- Empowering Women

Preventing Violence at Work

Factories are taking steps so women feel safer.

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Factories are taking steps so women feel safer.