Nutrition Partnerships

Good nutrition requires a range of actors to work together — from NGOs like CARE to local Ministries of Health and Agriculture, to the private sector that packages and sells food for people to eat. CARE partners with across a range of actors to get to better impacts on nutrition.

Our Partnerships

With Cargill’s support, CARE engages communities to promote food and nutrition security and climate change resilience while advancing sustainable agricultural practices.

Power of Nutrition
The Power of Nutrition’s mandate is to generate $1 billion in new funding for nutrition. Starting in 2018, Power of Nutrition (PoN) PoN works with CARE as am implementing partner and proveides 1:1 match-funding for programs that scale up nutrition-specific interventions in a nutrition-sensitive framework. CARE's first PoN program is in Gujarat state in India, with others in development.

FNS - Nutrition Models

Nutrition Models

CARE helps families make more nutritious, healthy choices.

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This project in India increases interaction betweens the community and nutrition service providers to improve the complimentary feeding practices for children aged 6-24 months.

FNS - Nutrition Projects

Nutrition Projects

CARE runs 167 projects to improve nutrition around the world.

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In Ecuador, Doña Juana collects dried beans on her farm. Beans are grown at the base of corn stalks and serve as a trellis for the climbing bean plants.

FNS - Nutrition Publications

Nutrition Publications

Find what CARE is learning about ending malnutrition.

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Each month, ENSURE conducts food distribution to communities in Ward 24, Chivi District, Mashingo Province to alleviate food shortages and ensure better nutritional eating amongst the communities.