Empower Her Through Education

The Girls Most Likely to... Beat Poverty

What does a girl’s education have to do with fighting poverty? Everything.

Millions of girls are out of school in the developing world. Violence, hunger, child marriage, conflict or simply the belief that girls aren’t worth teaching are barriers that keep them from getting an education. And so their futures fade away.

At CARE, we’re helping girls get a lifesaving education, and we are partnering with Alba Botanica®, Avalon Organics® and JĀSÖN® to do it. Each brand has an area of unique interest in helping CARE change the circumstances of so many.

Alba Botanica® is all about girl power, and is working with CARE to find ways to unlock it.

Avalon Organics® believes, along with CARE, that girls from all backgrounds should have access to education, so we are working to advocate for changes in local and government-level policy to make this possible.

JĀSÖN® is standing with CARE, helping mothers and communities shape bright futures for girls as they strive to do more.

Explore the features and stories below to learn more about the barriers to girls’ education, and how you can join our fight to give girls around the world the futures they deserve. 

CS: A. Laxmi

Laxmi Pal, 13

They expected her to stay home until she got married. She chose school.

CS: B. Angie

In Their Own Language

Four girls who now have a bright and bilingual future 



At one time there was little opportunity for her, now she is a class leader. 

CS: D. Lutfa


Learn how a village changed its approach to girls’ education to “Be Strong, Be Healthy” 

CS: E. Raghad


For a girl with untapped potential, getting bilingual education made all the difference. 

CS: F. Susan


Mothers groups engaging students, schools and communities in change.

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#KeepGirlsinthePictureMost of the world’s 57mill out-of-school children are girls. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePictureMarried Today: 39k girls under age 18. #endchildmarriage #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture66mill children in poor countries go to school hungry. #endhunger #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture28% of girls in the world’s poorest countries are child laborers. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture20 million girls in war zones don’t go to school. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePictureChildren of literate mothers have a 50% greater chance of living past age 5. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePictureEvery year of school can increase a girl’s future income by 10%. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture61% of the 123 million children who have trouble reading are girls. #StealTheseStats @CARE

Take Action

Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at risk and keeps them mired in poverty. Support Girls’ Education and Ask Secretary of State Kerry to Help Stop Child Marriage.

Give the Gift of Education and Change a Girl’s Life Forever

Children are naturally hungry to learn, but face daunting challenges to attending school, especially girls. CARE works to address these barriers including workload, violence, resources, and sometimes simply being a girl. You can help!

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Turn Dollars into Change

$21 = 1 school kit with a bag, notebooks, pencils and hygiene items. @care

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$44 = 1 year of school for a girl. @CARE

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$75 = 1 year of drinking water & sanitation for 25 students. @care

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$155 = 1 preschool teacher's salary. @CARE