Keep Girls in the Picture

The Girls Most Likely to... Beat Poverty

What does a girl’s education have to do with fighting poverty?


Millions of girls are out of school in the developing world. Violence, hunger, child marriage, conflict or simply the belief that girls aren’t worth teaching are barriers that keep them from getting an education.

And so their futures fade away.

At CARE, we're helping girls get a lifesaving education. Girls who, if featured in a school yearbook, will no longer be voted Girl Most Likely to Live in Poverty, but Girl Most Likely to Determine Her Own Future.

Join us. Fight to keep girls in the picture.

Explore the features and stories below to learn more about the barriers to girls’ education.

CS: Angie

Angie, 13

For a girl with untapped potential, child marriage could end her life before it starts.



In a country overwhelmed by refugee children, the schools had no room for her.

CS: Laxmi

Laxmi, 12

They expected her to stay home until she got married. She chose school.

CS: Lutfa

Lutfa, 17

This ‘burden’ said no to child marriage, and demanded an education instead.

CS: Raghad

Raghad, 11

She was a top student. Now, violence and bullying keep her from school.

CS: Susan

Susan, 14

Water is essential to life. And yet it could have kept Susan out of school for good.

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#KeepGirlsinthePictureMost of the world’s 57mill out-of-school children are girls. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePictureMarried Today: 39k girls under age 18. #endchildmarriage #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture66mill children in poor countries go to school hungry. #endhunger #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture28% of girls in the world’s poorest countries are child laborers. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture20 million girls in war zones don’t go to school. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePictureChildren of literate mothers have a 50% greater chance of living past age 5. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePictureEvery year of school can increase a girl’s future income by 10%. #StealTheseStats @CARE
#KeepGirlsinthePicture61% of the 123 million children who have trouble reading are girls. #StealTheseStats @CARE

Student Government: Demand Education For All

Every girl — more than half of the 57 million children out of school — that doesn’t get an education is a girl we’ve failed. Speak up! Tell Congress to support the Education For All Act.


Behind every successful woman is a solid education. But without school, millions of girls will never get a chance to be leaders, entrepreneurs or mothers on their own terms.

Join Helene’s fight to keep girls in the picture.


Pinki’s parents gave her one chance to prove her worth as a student instead of as a child bride. Thirteen years later, Pinki, now 26 and with a college degree, is the most educated person in her village.



Despite growing up in a poor agricultural region, Jenifer’s making history. She’s not only the first child in her family to complete secondary school, but now she’s taking her dreams all the way to the university.


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$75 = 1 year of drinking water & sanitation for 25 students. #KeepGirlsinthePicture @CARE

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$438 = 1 month of essential training for teachers. #KeepGirlsinthePicture @CARE

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The Long Road to School in Cambodia

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AV Club: Girls In the Picture

The literacy rate for women in Afghanistan is only 12.6 percent. And 95 percent of girls who've enrolled in primary school don't go on to secondary school once they're deemed old enough to marry. See how CARE is working to keep Afghan girls in school so they can determine their futures for themselves. 

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