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Yemen: CARE welcomes declaration of ceasefire

As Yemen faces the threat of a potentially devastating COVID-19 outbreak, CARE welcomes the declaration of ceasefire which comes more than two weeks after the UN Secretary...


As UN Secretary General releases Gender Policy Brief, CARE analysis reveals why COVID-19 creates “a perfect storm” of risk factors for women

COVID-19 will have a profound impact on women and girls, and specifically on those living in poverty or those living in insecure environments such as in countries...


New COVID-19 Global Rapid Gender Analysis Addresses Concerns of Women and Girls in Pandemic

The analysis was undertaken to explore the current and potential gendered dimensions of COVID-19 and highlights the ways in which women, girls and other marginalized people...


CARE Analysis: Vulnerable countries face 3 times the risk of COVID-19 exposure, yet have 6 times lower access to healthcare services

The world’s ‘highest risk’ countries have three times higher exposure to epidemics, such as COVID-19, but also have a six times higher risk in terms of their access to...


CARE Deeply Concerned as the First COVID-19 Case Is Reported in Syria

As the first case of coronavirus is confirmed in Syria, CARE is deeply concerned about the health and safety of over three million people in Northwest Syria, over half of...


CARE Warns of COVID-19's Effect in Humanitarian Emergencies

As the world faces the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-Pandemic, CARE commits to adapting its programming and scaling up its activities wherever possible.


FaZe Clan Organizes ​#FIGHT2FUND ​Online PRO-AM Tournament To Raise Funds for Communities Affected by COVID-19

Through a new initiative FaZe Clan created called #FIGHT2FUND​, ​the popular esports and gaming entertainment collective will lead the gaming and entertainment communities in...


COVID-19’s Gender Implications Examined in Policy Brief from CARE

New York, NY (March 16, 2020) – CARE is deeply concerned about the adverse and disproportionate effects that the COVID-19 pandemic will likely have on women and girls around...


Syria’s Conflict Brings About Sweeping Changes in the Lives of Women

As the war in Syria enters its tenth year, the regional crisis has reached horrifying new levels.


CARE Prepares COVID-19 Response Working Closely With Vulnerable Communities

CARE is deeply concerned by the continuing global spread of the novel coronavirus and the resulting COVID-19 disease.