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CARE Action advocates fight poverty, injustice and discrimination worldwide to create a better, more just tomorrow.

CARE Action advocates on Capitol Hill.
CARE / Laura Noel

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Our Issues

Gender and Empowerment 

We uphold women’s and girls’ rights and advocate for them to be included in all types of decision-making because their voices are key to overcoming poverty for all.  

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Food and Nutrition

We equip local farmers with resources and training to sustainably produce enough food now and for the future so that no one in the world goes to bed hungry.   

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Women's Health

We champion women’s rights to access affordable healthcare and make informed choices about if, when, and how many children to have.  

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Global Crisis and Funding

We defend and protect the rights of the most vulnerable during crisis or conflict with U.S. leaders who can aid in response efforts. 

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Who We Are

Backed by decades-deep expertise, data and a nationwide network, CARE Action is igniting a movement.

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Our Focus

Our advocacy work delivers lasting solutions by promoting policy reforms that foster strong, resilient communities.

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Use your voice today to send a message directly to lawmakers urging them to fight injustice and empower women.

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Advocates in Action

CARE Action advocates meet with Congresswoman Julia Brownly (D-CA).
CARE Action advocates meet with a staffer from Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger's (D-VA) office.
Delta Sigma Theta members advocate with CARE Action on Capitol Hill.
CARE Action advocates on Capitol Hill.
CARE advocates watch a virutal learning tour live from a community health center in Honduras.

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people impacted to date by CARE and our partners worldwide.

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Why Advocacy?

For decades, CARE has complemented our programmatic work on the ground with advocacy efforts that multiply our impact and lift up those in greatest need, especially women and girls. CARE’s commitment to advocacy draws from our experience in more than 100 countries around the world and promotes U.S. policy reforms that foster strong, resilient communities and respond to humanitarian needs.

CARE’s advocacy supports the efforts of poor women, girls and families by promoting policy reforms that improve U.S. foreign assistance programs and address the lack of access to resources and opportunities – creating a ripple effect that impacts their daily lives.

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