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Smart, culturally savvy solutions for the problems that affect communities all over the world. Read our stories.

CARE Knows How to Make Markets More Inclusive

Smallholder dairy farmers in Bangladesh, most of them women, are enjoying success through accessing a stronger dairy value chain.

CARE Knows How: Tippy Tap

Many people around the world do not have access to running water. A simple solution is the Tippy Tap, a hands-free method to protect hands from exposure to bacteria.

CARE Knows How to go Cuckoo for Cocoa Beans

CARE Chefs: Now serving millions

CARE Knows How a Piece of Paper Saves Children’s Lives

CARE Knows How Living Blue Makes Green

CARE Knows How to Bring Technology to Rural Africa

CARE knows how to make fog drinkable

Harvesting the mist in Ecuador also saves time fetching water.

CARE knows how to beat poverty with Donuts

In 1991, we founded our microfinance program. Since then, we’ve proved it works. 

CARE Knows How a Case of Cow Envy Changed an Entire Village

CARE Knows How to Play with Pandas

We're talking about our planet-loving, eco-wise, and wicked smart colleagues at World Wildlife Fund. 

CARE Knows How to Advocate:

And deliver safe drinking water to 250 MM people who need it.

CARE Knows How to Advocate:

And help 2 to 4 million people receive emergency food assistance.

CARE Knows How to Save Your Valentine's Day

CARE knows how to prevent malaria with goat poop

Burning goat droppings keeps away mosquitos, preventing bug-borne diseases like malaria.

CARE knows how NOT to duck a problem

With climate change causing more intense, less-predictable rain in flood-zones, CARE noticed small farmers losing their chicken flocks to drowning. CARE’s quick solution: raise ducks instead.

CARE knows how to save lives with pink bed sheets.



CARE Knows How to link 467 Schools Together with an App

CARE knows how to turn text messages into a bank

How do people in rural villages deposit and transfer money? Where there are no banks, there’s M-Pesa.

CARE knows how to bring light to places without electricity

CARE knows how to prevent gender-based violence with beads

CARE Knows How to Tap Into Wellsprings

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