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CARE Social Ventures

Fund local, sustainable businesses! Each business is created by communities to solve local problems, like access to health, food security, education or women’s economic empowerment. CARE helps each enterprise find the right leaders and donated seed capital needed to turn a local program into a sustainable business.

A woman wearing a dark blue Live Well shirt shows supplies to a man and woman.
Based in Zambia, Live Well recruits, trains and supports a network of Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) to promote basic healthcare access. Photo credit: Marshall Foster/CARE


Promotes literacy by providing affordable books in French. It is looking to scale its impact to include English-language books and to reach more than 100,000 children. Funding target: $250,000

COMMUNITY SCORECARD – Started in Malawi, proven worldwide

Provided over 500,000 community members a voice in local and national policies by bringing them together with government officials to improve services such as health care and education. Funding target: $150,000


Aims to provide smallholder farmers with access to loans. Funding target: $100,000

CHOMOKA – Sub-Saharan Africa

A mobile application for savings groups, unlocking access to formal banking services. Chomoka aims to reach over 1 million global users by 2022. Funding target: $3.0 million

JITA – Bangladesh

A micro-retailer network providing income and jobs for rural women entrepreneurs. JITA is on pace to provide income and access to basic needs to over 1 million rural community members. Funding target: $750,000

KRISHI UTSHO – Bangladesh

Fills a market gap in the supply chain of quality feed and supplies to smallholder farmers, aiming to impact over 1 million community members. Funding target: $1.0 million

LAFAEK – East Timor

An educational magazine distributed to the country’s preschool and primary students, improving educational outcomes for over 500,000 community members, while growing financially sustainable advertising revenues. Funding target: $250,000

LIVING BLUE – Bangladesh

A brand of handcrafted fashion products using natural indigo dyes, providing jobs and extra income to 240 artisans and 3,000 indigo farmers. Funding target: $500,000

LIVE WELL – Zambia, with global ambitions

Provides access to affordable, quality health products by recruiting and training a network of community health entrepreneurs. Live Well aims to provide incomes and critical health goods to over 1 million Zambians. Funding target: $1.0 million

If you’re interested in donating to any of CARE’s Social Enterprises, please contact Mark Muckerheide at