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West Bank/Gaza - Palestine Humanitarian Crisis

A Palestinian boy stands on the debris of his family's destroyed house.

Photo by Grayscale Media/2023

Photo by Grayscale Media/2023


Two million people at risk of dying from disease and hunger as the war wages on into its fifth month

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

Since October 2023, more than 30,000 people have been killed by the war in Gaza. Of this number, 70% were women and girls. Constant shelling has destroyed 75% of the buildings in Gaza and forced 1.9 million people to flee from their homes.

CARE has worked in Gaza since 1948, and we have trusted and well-established local partnerships across the region. We were one of the first NGOs to respond at the onset of the war, distributing prepositioned water and medical supplies, and sourcing additional relief items from vendors with whom we had existing relationships. Currently, we are one of only three NGOs operating in Northern Gaza, where we run a mobile health clinic with trained midwives who have helped deliver 100 babies in just the last two months.

of buildings in Gaza have been destroyed

How to Help West Bank/Gaza – What CARE is Doing

CARE has been responding to this emergency since it began. In fact, CARE was one of the first international organizations to respond, distributing prepositioned water and medical supplies.

CARE is working in the following areas:

Health: scale the mobile clinic approach and train community health workers to improve access to healthcare for everyone in the territory.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): distribution of bottled water and hygiene supplies, water trucking to settlements, installation of emergency latrines, support for solid waste management, and awareness raising around proper hygiene practices.

Gender: distributing dignity kits and working with other humanitarian actors to ensure that gender and protection are integrated into the wider humanitarian strategy.

Shelter: providing basic shelter materials like bedding, kitchen sets, tents and tarpaulins. to help families rebuild their homes – either directly or through cash assistance for building repairs or rent.

Food Security and Livelihoods: provide support in the form of food baskets, cash assistance and individual food rations, depending on access and market availability.

Speaking out: CARE reiterates its call for an immediate and sustained ceasefire, the free flow of humanitarian aid inside and throughout Gaza, the evacuation of the sick and wounded, and the release of all hostages.

CARE is one of three international organizations that is able to work in the north of Gaza and we need your help to provide lifesaving assistance to the people affected by this war throughout the region. With your support, we can help meet urgent humanitarian needs and pave the way for the long-term recovery of affected families throughout the region.

*Last updated March 2024