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Market-Based Approaches

Helping women earn, save, and invest more

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Aid alone can't end global poverty. Private capital is needed.

Our Market-Based Approaches programs aim to reduce poverty by helping women earn, save, and invest more which, in turn, increases their wealth.

Help women earn more and increase control of their income.

Help women increase their savings and assets to build resilience.

Invest in businesses that are led by, or benefit, women.

Village Savings and Loan Associations


VSLAs act as a springboard for community interventions. These transformative programs help women build savings.

Learn more about VSLAs

Women's Entrepreneurship


CARE aims to improve financial security and economic empowerment for 3 million entrepreneurs and employees by 2030.

Learn more about Women's Entrepreneurship

Corporate Advisory


CARE Impact Partners is a global corporate advisory service that puts gender equity at the heart of everything we do.

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


In 2022, CARE successfully completed pilots to test the use of cryptocurrency in Kenya and Ecuador.

Learn more about our crypto work

Social Enterprises


By bridging philanthropy and commerce, CARE Social Ventures aims to improve the lives of 10 million people by 2030.

Learn more about CARE Social Ventures

Impact Investing


CARE Enterprises is a for-profit subsidiary of CARE USA that invests private capital to economically empower women.

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Our interventions give women access to money, skills, and markets that improve their prosperity and economic resilience.

Our approach is guided by our belief that investment must deliver a strong multiplier effect in order to have the greatest economic impact.

Our economic, financial, and commercial interventions are designed to maximize women’s wealth per dollar of donor investment.

Delivering these results requires a central focus on shifting social norms around women’s financial decision-making authority, inclusive markets, and enabling women’s access to investment and capital.


VSLA by the numbers: A comprehensive analysis of the impact and ROI of VSLAs

This report examines the social and financial effects and returns of savings groups as well as how groups affected members’ resilience to COVID-19.

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Risk and return for impact investors: Assessing and addressing sexual harassment and violence

In this webinar, we explore how impact investors can realize more value in the management of risk and returns by better understanding how to assess and reduce sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

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Earn. Save. Invest.

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