CARE Enterprises

CARE Enterprises

Invest in Gender Justice

CARE recognizes that business and capital markets can be uniquely powerful forces for positive social and environmental change. CARE Enterprises – CARE’s global, for-profit impact investment vehicle – was created to harness the power of the private sector in pursuit of its social justice mission: to eradicate poverty and empower women and girls around the world.

We know that we cannot overcome poverty and social injustice until all people have equal rights and opportunities. To address this, CARE Enterprises has developed a “gender justice” framework to challenge the unequal power dynamics that consistently hold back poor women in emerging markets.

Alongside Bamboo Capital Partners, CARE Enterprises will deploy non-extractive capital to invest in proven, scalable businesses in countries where CARE has a local footprint to shift those dynamics in order to create transformative, dignified economic opportunities for poor women and marginalized people.

CARE Enterprises seeks to make more patient and flexible capital available to grow businesses that are perceived as too big for philanthropists and too small for commercial investors. Through CARE’s provision of first-loss capital, CARE Enterprises’ blended finance strategy will assume the necessary level of risk required to invest in – and scale – the high-impact enterprises that are best suited to help CARE achieve its social justice mission.