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Want to get your friends and family involved? Discover how to bring CARE to your community.

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No matter where you live or how long you've been involved, there's a place for you at CARE to make a difference globally.

Get Your Company Involved

CARE is proud to partner with some of the most successful, visible and innovative corporations around the world.

Become a Corporate Partner
Become a Letters of Hope Classroom

CARE developed a curriculum aimed at middle school classrooms as a way to build understanding, empathy and connections between American students and young refugees around the world.

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Volunteer with CARE

Volunteers have an opportunity to learn more about CARE’s programs and to help us create sustainable change for the people most vulnerable to hunger, violence, and disease.

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Volunteer Locally

We're bridging our global work to end poverty and injustice with volunteer opportunities and engaging discussions at home. Get started by joining an upcoming event or start your own!

CARE Action Local Action, Global Conversation Toolkit

Host a CARE Package Supper

Inspire your friends and family to spark change by hosting an online or socially distanced CARE Package supper.

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Start an Impact Club

CARE Impact Clubs raise awareness for global poverty. Join the cause by starting one at your K-12 or university.

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Create a Facebook Fundraiser

Use a Facebook fundraiser to spread awareness and crowdfund donations for CARE.

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