Speak up. They’re listening.

The Trump Administration’s ban on refugees threatens lives and puts thousands in limbo. Speak up for refugees. They’re listening.

Today's CARE Package

CARE Packages containing food and supplies helped European refugees survive after World War II. Today’s CARE Package provides debit cards that Syrian refugees use to buy blankets, food and other essentials.

Special Delivery

Once child refugees themselves, recipients of the world’s first CARE Packages pay it forward 70 years later, sending compassion — and so much more — to Syrian refugee children.

Country Info

CARE established its Turkey office in February 2013, beginning cross-border programming to address the needs of people affected by the crisis in Syria. An estimated 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria, including 7.6 million internally displaced Syrians, while four million have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. In fall 2014, CARE expanded its work, responding to the emergency needs of Syrian refugees in Turkey where, according to UNHCR, at least 1.9 million Syrian refugees are living, with numbers expected to swell to 2.5 million by the end of 2015. In Syria, four out of five Syrians are currently living in poverty, more than half of them in extreme poverty. As of August 2015, CARE International in Turkey has reached close to 700,000 people inside Syria with emergency interventions, as well as longer-term recovery and resilience programming. CARE’s emergency response has been implemented in partnership with seven Syrian and Turkish organizations.

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