Gender, Equity, and Diversity: CARE's Gender Inclusion Workshops

Gender and Diversity Workshops at CARE

CARE understands that gender transformative work relies on individuals to be agents and models of social change. Our Gender Equity and Diversity (GED) training materials for work with our staff, partners, and beneficiaries are the best of the best, an industry standard praised by USAID and other partners. 

Since 1998, CARE has dedicated full-time staff who have developed an extensive curriculum and facilitate trainings for building staff capacity around the globe. In FY 14 alone, 140 trained facilitators have trained over 2100 people including staff, partners and program participants in GED issues. CARE has also trained corporations, peer INGOs, academic institutions, and donors on Gender, Equity, and Diversity issues, and offers the trainings to other interested parties.  For information on working with CARE for trainings in your organization, reach out to Kassie Mcilvaine at .

Our Services

CARE offers a menu of services to support and advance gender and development practice. The range of services fall across programmatic and operational considerations and span the programmatic cycle.  View our full offer here.


101: Diversity & Inclusiveness

Introduction to how diversity impacts programming by exploring identity, worldview, power and work styles. Teaches skills for functioning effectively in a diverse  workplace. 

201: Dialogue Across Difference

Teaches dialogue skills that foster a safe and productive work environment where employees trust one another. 

301: Managing For Diversity

This model focuses on how a manager can apply diversity competencies to managing employees and discusses how to best utilize diverse resources within a team to enhance effectiveness. 

401: Gender Training

This module provides training tools to promote a better understanding of gender within the organization. It aims to build participants’ skills in incorporating gender into programming issues and organizational culture. 

501: Engaging Men and Boys

Designed to support program strategies that engage men and boys in advancing gender equality. The training covers thematic content and practical skills.