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CARE Women’s Network

The CARE Women’s Network (CWN) is made up of passionate women committed to our mission of saving lives, defeating poverty, and achieving social justice.

Members galvanize their communities to raise awareness and support for our women’s empowerment programs, while enjoying exclusive and meaningful opportunities to learn, advocate, and network with other leaders.

We welcome you to learn more and become a part of our growing network.

Why Women and Girls’ Empowerment?

One of the root causes of poverty is women’s and girls’ lack of control over their lives. If empowered through education, economic opportunity, or choice, a woman or girl can be a catalyst for lasting positive change in her community.

Our Impact

  • Educate communities about CARE’s programs addressing global poverty – including issues such as girls’ education and gender-based violence – by hearing from dedicated CARE staff, program participants, and other experts.
  • Advocate for CARE both locally and on Capitol Hill around the issues that impact CARE’s mission and make social change possible.
  • Raise awareness and financial support for CARE projects focused on women and girls’ empowerment.

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CARE Women’s Network – Atlanta members support CARE through personal philanthropy and a deep commitment to being educated and involved in the issues that will permit CARE to achieve its vision of eradicating global poverty in our lifetimes.

Members become our partners and help to provide the support CARE needs while enjoying exclusive and meaningful opportunities to learn, to advocate, to network, and to be a part of something special—women empowering other women.

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New York City

The CARE Women’s Network – New York Chapter (CWN-NY) is a group of passionate and committed women that supports in-country programs to fight poverty and empower women and girls around the world. To date, we have contributed more than $2 million toward CARE’s programs globally in countries including Ecuador, Guatemala, and India.

Our current educational and fundraising efforts are supporting CARE’s on-the-ground efforts to provide health and hygiene programs for families, teachers, and communities  to combat the devastating effects of COVID-19. We hope you will join the New York chapter, and invite you to donate to the COVID-19 response.

There is a minimum financial commitment to join CWN-NY. For more information, please contact