CARE: Humanitarian Assistance in Venezuela Should Not be Used as a Political Tool

CARE: Humanitarian Assistance in Venezuela Should Not be Used as a Political Tool

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ATLANTA—CARE President and CEO, Michelle Nunn, issued the following statement on the escalating humanitarian crisis in Venezuela:

"Following recent events on the Venezuela-Colombia border, CARE calls on all actors to decouple humanitarian assistance from political objectives – the suffering of people in need should not be politicized, and the provision of humanitarian aid should not be leveraged as a political tool. We condemn the use of violence against civilians caught up in this crisis. Humanitarian actors must be able to maintain neutrality and impartiality for their safety and the safety of Venezuelans in desperate need of assistance.  
CARE is providing assistance to vulnerable Venezuelans and the communities hosting them in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. CARE will continue this vital work whenever and wherever it is possible to deliver assistance in a neutral, impartial and independent manner. 
CARE reaffirms its commitment to the foundational humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence. CARE believes in sustainable development and human dignity; as such we encourage all parties to work toward a peaceful solution and to end the ongoing humanitarian crisis.  
We cannot ignore the plight of Venezuelans, both those in the country and those seeking refuge in generous host communities throughout the region. Millions desperately need the most basic assistance – food, health, protection, shelter and access to legal services.  This is a crisis across the region that demands the attention and support of the international community.”

Nazereth Piloira 27, waits near Carcelen Bus Terminal in Quito, Ecuador near the informal tented settlement with her children waiting for public food donations. Photo: Paddy Dowling/CARE