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Equity and Inclusion at CARE

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Equality. Inclusion. Social Justice.

CARE USA is dedicated to ending poverty and improving the lives of women, girls, and vulnerable populations around the world. Given our mission and work, and as an organization headquartered in Atlanta, a historically important Black city and an iconic location of the civil rights movement, we believe that embodying principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion are mission-critical.

Placing these principles at the heart of our work, from how we hire and promote, govern and lead, mobilize resources and partner, enables us to be more innovative, more impactful, and deliver faithfully and powerfully on our mission. Diversity of race, ethnicities, gender, skills, life-experience, perspectives, and backgrounds, makes us stronger and more effective, and makes us more reflective of and attuned to the people we serve and with whom we partner.

CARE Commitments to Equity and Inclusion

At CARE USA, our core values of transformation, integrity, diversity, excellence, and equality demand accelerated action to end racial injustice everywhere, and we know that we must start with ourselves.

Our team:

CARE USA has approximately 8,000 employees worldwide, employed by CARE USA and part of the CARE International confederation.

  • 91% of our staff are from countries we serve around the world. CARE operated 1,600 projects in more than 100 countries in 2022 reaching more than 174 million people. Read more about our work in our annual reports.
  • Of approximately 600 employees on CARE US payroll, which includes international staff working globally:
    • 59% are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color
    • 34% identify as Black
    • 63% of our staff identify as women*
  • We have approximately 360 staff who live in the United States:
    • 52% are Black, Indigenous, or People of Color
    • 25% identify as Black
  • Our global leadership team is comprised of:
    • 71% Black, Indigenous, or People of Color
    • 29% representation of Black employees
  • Our Board has:
    • 44% representation of Black, Indigenous, or People of Color
    • 6 members identify as Black

We know that leadership is more than just representation, but we are deeply committed to improving, and we are setting aspirational goals to create this change.

Board commitments:

  • We want to ensure that we achieve a 40% ratio of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color on our Board. Currently 44% of our Board identifies as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color.
  • We also are committed to a Board that is gender balanced, with 50% identifying as women, in keeping with our identity as an organization centering its work on women and girls (currently we are at 60% identifying as women).

Leadership commitments:

  • We are determined to ensure that all Director level and above candidate slates for new positions across the organization are made up of at least 50% Black, Indigenous, and People of Color before proceeding to the next step of the recruitment process.
  • Recognizing that change does not happen overnight, we aim to achieve the goal of 40% leadership representation of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in Director level and above positions within the next three years.
  • We will maintain leadership of at least 50% women at the Director level and above.


We will continue to challenge and push to create a better CARE. We look forward to working together to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion at CARE, and to using our voices as allies and advocates in this essential fight. We look forward to continuing to listen and learn and add to our commitments to achieve a stronger organization, more powerfully contributing to social justice in the world.

*To align with federal reporting requirements, we have used EEO-1 categories which limits gender to male or female. This categorization does not reflect our opinion, we believe that gender is non-binary.