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Using creative problem-solving approaches to address sticky humanitarian and development challenges

A woman smiles while holding two brown baby goats.

Why we innovate

The problems we are dealing with today are increasingly complex, dynamic, and networked; they require a radically different response. We also know that we are NOT on track to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, and now new challenges are growing the need and even reversing progress. As we seek to address these challenges, traditional ways of working, and grants-based dollars are insufficient to eliminate poverty. ​

Therefore, we must adopt innovative business models, partner more effectively, and design for scale from the start. ​

Our innovation portfolio spans six sectors

Food and Water Systems

Hunger and malnutrition remain the leading threats to public health worldwide.

Climate Justice

We believe that everyone has the right to live on a healthy planet.


Every day, about 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Education and Work

Education and the right to work are the most powerful tools in overcoming extreme poverty.

Women's Economic Justice

Helping women earn, save, and invest more.

Gender Equity

CARE strives for a world that is equal for all genders.

We also leverage technology and partnerships to accelerate our impact


By transforming CARE into a scaling network for best-in-class social enterprises, we provide a platform for social innovators to scale their products and services to communities at the last mile, accelerating their impact ten-fold.
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CARE and T-hub India

By partnering with India’s T-Hub Social Business Accelerator, we are accelerating the growth and impact of local startups driving social impact in healthcare, education, livelihood, and disaster relief.
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Digital Savings Group Hub (DSG Hub)

Through this hub we seek to inspire innovation, build a community of practice, and create a destination for anyone who is planning, implementing, developing technology for, or studying digital savings groups (DSGs).
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Emerging digital technology

We are embracing new technologies to improve program outcomes, for example, using cryptocurrency to enable cash transfer in crisis.

Digital development

We are using digital technologies to improve the way we deliver our programs, from using mobile phones to provide financial services to women, to using WhatsApp to safely inform users about services that prevent and respond to GBV.