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Annual Reports

Each year, CARE publishes a report detailing the impact of our humanitarian work around the world.

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2022 Annual Report

The war in Ukraine, along with climate shifts and economic fallout caused by COVID, worsened the global hunger crisis.

Read our 2022 annual report

2021 Annual Report

We celebrated our 75th anniversary and launched our Fast and Fair initiative, providing vaccine delivery to millions.

Read our 2021 annual report

2020 Annual Report

For the first time in our history, we launched the CARE Package in the U.S. as a direct response to COVID-19.

Read our 2020 annual report

2019 Annual Report

Every single one of the 70 million people we helped in 2019 has a story of resilience, community, strength, and hope—all things that bind us together, across every corner of the globe.

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2018 Annual Report

2018 was heralded as the Year of the Woman, with women’s movements, activists and leaders indelibly shaping the global discourse in powerful and catalytic ways.

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2017 Annual Report

On World Refugee Day in June 2017, the UN announced a record number of displaced people worldwide: 65.6 million. That constitutes the biggest crisis in the UN’s history and the biggest since 1945, when CARE was founded.

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2016 Annual Report

In 2016, we explored how CARE is armed with a new generation of “CARE Packages” that deliver results to thousands and are then replicated to transform the lives of millions.

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2015 Annual Report

Never in our history has CARE been so well positioned to deliver scaled and lasting change in the world’s poorest communities. And it’s because compassionate, committed people for 70 years have stepped forward — giving of themselves, their resources, their time — in order to change our world.

Read our 2015 annual report

2014 Annual Report

The 2014 annual report spotlights how CARE empowers women and girls and helps make them more resilient. And, CARE prepares for a new era as former CEO and President Helene Gayle steps down.

Read our 2014 annual report

2013 Annual Report

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2012 Annual Report

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2011 Annual Report

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2010 Annual Report

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2009 Annual Report

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2008 Annual Report

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2007 Annual Report

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2006 Annual Report

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2005 Annual Report

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2004 Annual Report

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2003 Annual Report

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2002 Annual Report

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2001 Annual Report

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2000 Annual Report

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