Instructions for Making Security Gifts

Instructions for Making Security Gifts

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Effective June 2, 2008, CARE USA began using the master custody services of Bank of America, N.A. Our instructions for completing gifts of stock have changed and are detailed below. You might wish to share these instructions with your broker or banking institution. 

Here are some important tips for ensuring that your gift is received and processed according to your wishes:

Outright Security Gifts:

  • Please notify CARE when you are prepared to make your gift. Let us know when you expect the gift to be made and if there is a particular program you wish to benefit. If you have any other inqueries related to stock gift transfer, please contact the following staff at CARE:

Laxmi Oli: 404-979-9517 |


Maricor Javelosa: 404-979-9409 |

  • Ask your broker or bank to include your name in the transaction description if you would like to receive your acknowledgement letter on time.

Delivery Instructions – Electronic Delivery – DTC Eligible

Bank of America
DTC 0955 / Institution 20955
Beneficiary Account Number: 79161005845031
Beneficiary Name: CARE USA
Originator to Beneficiary Information (OBI): Donor Name

Delivery Instructions - Mutual Funds

Please email Steve Zaubi ( and Lester Mendiola ( at CARE USA with the following information:

  1. The CUSIP number, Symbol, and name of the mutual fund
  2. The number of shares being delivered (gifted)
  3. Name of Brokerage firm as well as their Broker number of the institution delivering the shares
  4. A contact (phone and email) at the Brokerage that CARE USA’s custodian (US Trust) may reach out to for the required BIN numbers
  5. Name of the donor

Delivery Instructions – Physical Stock Certificates

  • Please, ask your broker or bank to register physical stock certificates as follows: “Bank of America, NA as Custodian, fbo CARE USA”
  • If the stock certificate is registered in your name, please leave the other side of your certificate blank with no signature and no assignment, and please sign a blank stock power:
    • Please note that your signature on the stock power must be medallion guaranteed 
    • Apart from your signature, please do not complete any information on the stock power
    • Click here for a copy.
  • It is very important that your certificate and stock power be sent in separate envelopes to:

US Trust
121 SW Morrison St. 12 Floor
Portland, OR 97204
Attn:  Custody

For any questions relating to physical stock certificates please contact Mr. Steve Zaubi, CARE, Director of Treasury via email at or call him at (404) 979-9219.

For other Life Income Gifts, such as gift annuities, please see our Planned Giving information pages.