Crisis in DRC: “Everywhere now is very dangerous – there is nowhere to run’


My name is Safari Ngayabaseca* and I am here with my husband and children. We are living in this classroom at Don Bosco orphanage – it is the only place that we can find where we feel safe.

Everywhere now is very dangerous – there is nowhere to run to where there is not fighting or bombing. We have come from Kibumba originally, and fled to the camp at Kanyaruchina where many other displaced people went. We were told that we would get help there and that we would be safe.

We were given some food and some other things like a water container and a plastic sheet. We stayed there four months but things were not very safe. Every night we heard shooting and there were always soldiers around. Then, last week, there was some heavy fighting nearby and we were told that we had to leave the camp by rebels so we ran here to Don Bosco.

We heard from others that we would be safe here. Now all we have is this mattress and some clothes that we are wearing. We have been given a little food and there is a medical center here if we need it, but this isn”t any way to live.

All I want to do is go back to Kibumba, but we have been told that our house has been burnt down so now we have nowhere to go. This is the third time in my life that I have had to flee my home and leave everything behind. Now, I don”t even have a home to go back to.

On Monday, I think that we will decide what to do next – but we don”t know what is going on with the government or with the soldiers. So it is hard for us to make a decision. We have no money and no means of returning to Kibumba and no means to build a new house.

I am scared for my children and scared for our future.

*name has been changed

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