Cynthia Awuor on Climate Change


CARE USA is engaged in advocacy to build support for leadership from the USG on Climate Change domestically and internationally. Toward that end we invited Cynthia Awuor, Climate change focal point for East and central Africa to help us launch our Human face of Climate change campaign which will run up to the UN meeting in Copenhagen in December where the successor to the Kyoto Protocol will be negotiated. During her first week Cynthia was extremely active, she attend Avoided Deforestation Partners event luncheon, with Noble Laureate Wangari Mathaii and Dr. Helene Gayle. She participated in meetings with staff from the offices of Senators Durbin, Kerry, Klobuchar, Lugar and Inhofe and Representatives Waxman, Payne and Speaker Pelosi. She also made presentations at two briefings CARE co-sponsored with the Population Research Center on Capitol Hill on Climate change and Human Vulnerabilities along with PAU Senior Policy Analyst Christina Chan and Dr. Alex de Sherbinin and Dr. Susan Adamo, from the International Earth Science Information Network, Earth Institute, Columbia University. The afternoon panel was moderated by Bob Engleman, head of research at World Watch institute.