Empowering Communities - - from VSL to VITOVU


When I was "forced" to leave CARE in Tanzania in May 2006, I was somehow confused! That was a "Threat" to my survival - for you who know "SWOT". But I turned things differently. On July 1st 2009 ASMET celebrated her 3rd year supporting and created new "life" for over 450 "Vituo Vya Maendeleo Vya Jamii" - VITOVU (umbilical cord - in Kiswahili). 3/4 of the 450 VITOVU members are women and young people who had lost hope! By July 2009 all were leading assured social and economic lives - many are now supporting 3 to 5 members of their families; including assured 3 meals per day, have sponsored their children to secondry schools and all managing viable small businesses.

How? I applied the CARE Niger MMD community groups methodlogy and CARE
Tanzania (HISA or VSL) methodology to create VITOVU groups on pilot
basis and now have over 12 VITOVU groups using personal savings,
pension funds (32,000/= per month and parttime consultancy jobs. From
2010 we plan to create more VITOVU groups targeting young people in
marketing places around Dar es Salaam City. Thanks CARE for empowering
me first, I'm no longer confused from loosing my job. I'm now known as
"mwalimu -teacher" or "mshauri - advisor" by the community members i
work with. Join us to change their lives for the better!