Final Thoughts on Malawi


As the journey in Malawi came to an end, I was left both humbled and deeply impressed by the women I've met. One of the most moving things I heard on this trip was that women were encouraged by our visit, and some who haven't participated in a village savings and loan group may even be inspired to try it.

When we enter a community, we are the recipients of so much; women give
us their time, their stories, their song - they even feed us
(I love the maize nsima served with groundnuts and beans). To
hear from them that perhaps our visit has returned some small measure
of what they give us in the form of encouragement and solidarity is
more than I could have hoped for. Yet, it makes sense - I
know I am encouraged and proud when someone shows an interest in my
work. It's just another thing we all have in common.

Final Thoughts on Malawi image 1
Kaundama village women - always singing!

©2008 PhilBorges/CARE

So it has got me thinking about how each of us can support and
encourage women and families who are making a real difference in their
lives, even if we cannot visit with them personally. Forums like this
are one way to show that the issue of overcoming poverty is on our
hearts and minds. I'll be thinking about other ways, and I hope you
will too, because one of the most important things I take from my two
weeks in Malawi is the value of showing that you care. Are there things you are doing to nurture and encourage women who are working to strengthen their lives?

The above post is photographer Phil Borges' fourth entry from his trip to Malawi. Phil traveled for two weeks in May to Malawi with colleague filmmaker/photographer Smith Patrick to learn about how women's village savings and loan associations impact families and communities. It was Phil's seventh trip with CARE.