Haiti orphanage needs rescue


To field workers in Haiti:

Bresma orphanage children need to be rescued.Here are the directions to two of the houses where the children will be. Time is of the essence.

Directions to BRESMA III (Jamie and Ali's House) (near BRESMA II):

> Take Delmas uphill to the Caribbean market. Turn left and cut over to Rte. Freres at the Texaco Station. The Lesely center/ motorcycle taxi stand is on your right (Delmas 105). Turn right into Delmas 105.

> Continue straight and down a steep hill that had one bridge completed and another under construction spanning a deep ravine. Continue straight to the second street. There is a tree on an island in the middle of the road. Shortly afterward the road splits. Take the right fork, which curves very sharply to the right and up a steep hill. The house is the property around which the road curves. Its gate is the first one on the right.

> BRESMA II (big kids house)

> Latitude: 18031'27.45"N

> Longitude: 72016'40.16"