A Nutty Idea that Just Might Work


“Extreme poverty can be ended in our lifetime.’

If you believe this, you are:

a) Optimistic bordering on delusional.

b) A rock star with a cause.

c) A liberal policy wonk.

d) A level-headed realist who believes humans have the capacity and creativity to solve tough problems.

Maybe ending poverty isn”t such a nutty idea.

see, poverty is not inevitable. At its roots, it”s a lack of power.
It”s a young woman in Burundi who has no control over whether or when
she becomes pregnant, and who faces a one in 16 chance of dying from
complications of pregnancy. A girl in Afghanistan who is denied the
chance to go to school. An indigenous mother in Guatemala who cannot
open a bank account because she has no birth certificate. A widow in
Niger who loses her home and property upon the death of her husband,
and who must now ask to work, for a pittance, the very fields she used
to own.

As tragic as these circumstances are, they are the result of systems that can be changed.
We know from experience that with the right help at the right time, a
woman can chart a better path. And when a woman is on the right path,
she blazes a trail for her children, her community – her whole nation.

believes ending poverty is about more than bootstraps. It”s about
making the poor more powerful, and making the powerful accountable.
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