The President”s FY13 Budget: What Does it All Mean?


On Monday, February 13, President Obama released his Administration”s request for the FY13 Federal Budget, which includes funding for International Affairs. Despite a tight fiscal environment, the FY13 request reflects the President”s ongoing commitment to international development.

The Administration is requesting $56.2 billion for the International Affairs Budget - an increase of 2.4% over the current FY12 enacted levels. This budget is critical to issues Americans care about, including addressing global hunger, helping women and men create income-generating jobs and fostering global stability.

Looking more closely at the President”s request, it was a bit of a mixed bag for poverty fighting accounts. While funding for the overall account increased slightly, some programs received cuts including funding for global health, disaster assistance, and food aid. Increases included a new initiative fund in the Middle East and North Africa to support political and economic reform in the region, including a vibrant civil society, following the Arab Spring; and debt reduction for the Sudan.

As Congress begins to debate the President”s request, CARE will monitor its progress. In the coming weeks, we will call on our advocates to support the President”s overall FY13 request for the International Affairs budget, including the most robust funding possible for all poverty fighting accounts. These accounts are critical to positively impacting millions of individuals living in poverty.