Q+A with Senator Johnny Isakson


In April 2012, CARE hosted their first
senator -- Johnny Isakson (R-GA) --on a Learning Tour to Uganda to learn how key innovations and investments in U.S. foreign
assistance have made progress in the region possible.

CARE: What were your initial impressions with the trip?
Isakson: I thought the trip was fantastic. CARE”s in-country and DC staff were great. Overall, I”d give it an A+. There was good participation and the testimonies were fantastic. It was unique in that a lot of NGO”s forget to let the people who take part in the programs speak. Having the opportunity to speak to beneficiaries was the highlight for me. I”d go again.
CARE: What about the themes and the programs you saw on the trip?
Isakson: The themes on the trip were effective. Each stop was comprehensive and we got a lot of time there. We were moving all over the place, but there was balance and the visits had purpose.
CARE: What are the key messages that you want friends, other influential people, or officials to hear?
Isakson: There is a real battle to maintain an effective foreign affairs budget, and it needs good advocates on all sides to fight for it.

CARE: Tell me about the delegation? Was it a good mix of people?

Isakson: The delegation was a great mix of people – from policymakers to the Administration, the media and private sector. We all learned from each other.