Syrian Refugee Crisis: A day in the life of a refugee volunteer worker


On International Volunteer’s Day (December 5th), the international aid organization CARE shines a light on the crucial role which Syrian volunteers play in supporting refugees from Syria in Jordan.

CARE volunteers, who are refugees themselves, assist in organizing and preparing distributions of relief supplies in CARE’s urban refugee centres, provide vital information on how refugees can access further health, legal and social support and lend an ear to their plight. Volunteers are the cornerstone and backbone of CARE’s Syrian refugee programme. Having gone through violent and traumatic experiences themselves, all these young people decided to take on a difficult, yet admirable role: helping their fellow refugees and thus putting their own struggle aside.

In a photo project titled “A day in the life of a refugee volunteer worker”, more than 20 Syrian volunteers moved behind the lense: Through photographs, they present unique and personal insights into their daily routines, their encounters and their feelings. Each of the volunteers has decided on a different, individual focus, including their different tasks in the refugee centre, the hospitality of Jordanian neighbours, the growing bonds amongst themselves, the expectations of Syrian refugees towards them and their role balancing between being Syrian and thus a refugee themselves, but also a staff of an international aid organization. Other volunteers address the diversity of personal fates they are facing every day, the different needs of volunteers depending on their age or the struggle to fill the deep sadness they see in refugees’ faces into a standard registration form.

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