Water in Haiti vs. United States Water


Dear Dr. Gayle,

While it is admirable wanting to address the water situation in Haiti and other places, I beg to differ on feeling safe with our water here in the United States. I still drink from faucet water that has been filtered, but not without some trepidation.
Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) - along with the Tar Sands mining that is beginning in Utah and is threatening to expand via the Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada down through the midwest into the Gulf Coast - requires massive amounts of water after which it is no longer usable as a result of the toxic chemicals left over and mixed in with it. It has been proven to poison lakes, streams and aquifers and the process has been reported to cause earthquakes in Ohio. It's linked to many human maladies such as cancer, asthma, severe headaches and many more. I hope you will acknowledge our own water fiasco here at home as the Fossil Fuel Industry goes berserk with our water supplies with little to no regulations. Many experts and environmental groups are predicting serious water problems here at home in the not too distant future. May you start to 'CARE' here on your website and begin to educate your readers regarding our own water issues.
For the planet,
Fernando Garces
Los Angeles, CA