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Letters of Hope

CARE’s new interactive curriculum on refugees builds empathy through understanding. Check it out!

Get Involved- CARE Journeys

CARE Journeys

Meet the women and girls we stand with every day to deliver lasting change.

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CARE’s work in Mozambique began in 1984 with emergency assistance and food distribution for people who were affected by the protracted war between government and rebel forces.

Get Involved- Chefs Program

Chefs' Table Program

Renowned chefs join the fight to end global hunger.

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CARE Chefs' Program

Get Involved- Global Leaders Network

Global Leaders Network

Support CARE’s work to enhance global security.

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CARE food packages are a welcome gift to the families burned out in a recent fire in Lessach, Austria.

Get Involved- Learning Tours

Learning Tours

Join delegates to see how development programs save lives.

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CARE's Learning Tours aim to take policymakers, government leaders and change-makers on short, intensive trips where they meet the people whose lives are being transformed through U.S. investments.

Get Involved- Letters of Hope

Letters of Hope

Read the letters that students and refugees exchanged.

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Students from New York City connected with a family living in Athens, Greece, as refugees from Afghanistan.

Get Involved- Women's Network

CARE Women's Network

Raise local support for women's empowerment.

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CARE Women's Network

Get Involved- Young Professionals

CARE Young Professionals

Meet others interested in raising awareness for CARE.

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Young Professionals for CARE