Sangita's Second Chance to Go to School

Sangita's Second Chance to Go to School

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Up until two months ago, 13-year-old Sangita Devi had never set foot in a school. She grew up in a household in India where she and her older sister assumed all of the responsibilities while her two brothers were in school.

Sangita's father died of cancer when her mother was six-months pregnant. Then, her sister married and her mother became ill with migraines and couldn't work.

The full burden of all the cooking and cleaning fell on young Sangita's shoulders. At one point she was alone in the kitchen making a meal for nearly 60 people.

But then, understanding the sacrifice that she made to take care of her family, her brothers had a change of heart. They took it upon themselves to "pay back" Sangita for all of her hard work. They went from school to school trying to get Sangita enrolled, and fulfill her dream of getting an education.

But because of her age and the fact that she had no previous schooling, one by one, the schools all turned her down.

Then one day, Sangita and her brothers learned about CARE's Udaan school, which offers girls who missed out on an early education a second chance to go to school. The accelerated learning program allows girls to complete their entire primary education in just 11 months.

Sangita became a student at the Udaan school this past summer. She is the first girl in her family to go to school. She's excited to graduate next year, and hopes to join her friends in the sixth grade in the fall of 2014.