Nepal Earthquake: A Grandmother’s Dream of Educating her Granddaughter

Nepal Earthquake: A Grandmother’s Dream of Educating her Granddaughter

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Grishma Aryal

“When I grow up, I want to be a teacher and educate the people of my community”, said 8-year-old Riddhima from Macchegaon Village. Her grandmother, Ashamaya was sitting right beside her. She hugged her grandmother and started crying. “She is missing her parent,” her grandmother told us.

“Her father is in the hospital right now and her mother is taking care of Riddhima’s father. They have asked me to look after Riddhima, so she is living with me in a tent”.

“We were planning to send her to school this year, but we won’t be able to do that. Her father works in a cement warehouse. He is the only person in our family who earns income. During the earthquake, stacks of cement fell on his legs and now he is in the hospital. We don’t know if he will ever be able to walk normally and work. I do not have money to pay for the medical treatment of my son.

We really want to fulfill my granddaughter’s dream of becoming a teacher, but we won’t be able to send her to school because we have no money to pay for the admission and tuition. Our house is completely destroyed, so we are living in a tent which is shared by other families too,” said Ashamaya.      

There are many families in Nepal who share similar plight as Ashamaya’s family. The earthquake has shattered the dreams of many people in Nepal. They lack basic necessities like food, shelter, medicines and proper sanitation.

CARE Nepal distributed food and sanitation items to more than 100 families in Macchegaun village.

Ashamaya shared, “We do not have enough food right now, and we have been eating food from relief materials distributed by various organizations. I want my son to recover soon, so that he can start earning and we can send my granddaughter to school”.