“Someday I will cross this mountain and find out what lies behind it”

“Someday I will cross this mountain and find out what lies behind it”

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Johanna Mitscherlich

Ahmad is five years old. He is suffering from a serious diabetes condition. His hopeful brown eyes and his shy smile do not tell the full story.

The camp in which Ahmad lives hosts tens of thousands of Syrians. They have found shelter under thin tents and olive trees.  Most of the people here came from surrounding villages. They ran away from bombings that destroyed their homes. Although Ahmad’s new home is called a camp, what this camp shares with other humanitarian refugee camps outside Syria is only the name. There is no electricity in the camp and sewage covers the muddy ground.

Wandering around the camp Ahmad seems to be always around. The boy stands on big rocks and looks to the mountains. He seems to be dreaming and waiting at the same time. Looking at Ahmad, one gets a feeling of strength and hope. His brown eyes always seem to gaze outside of the camp.

Ahmad is suffering from a serious diabetes condition. His family had trouble finding the right medicine for him since they fled their home, afraid for their lives. Ahmad’s father said, "There were 72 snipers aiming at us in the area where we used to live and the bombs destroyed everything, that’s why we had to come here." The snipers and bombs were not what scared the family the most; it was the fact that they were running out of medicine for their five year old child.

Ahmad’s family is now dependant on humanitarian aid so their son can survive. The continuous aid they receive from CARE’s partner organization keeps them and the boy in good health. "My father told me that organizations outside Syria are working hard to provide me with all that I need,” says Ahmad.

Despite suffering from illness and knowing that his medical condition is very dangerous, Ahmad looks hopeful. He faces life with a very big smile. He talks a lot about the future and how he will be leaving his camp. “What I want now is to get better. Then I will leave this place and grow up,” he smiles, looking at the mountains nearby. “Someday I will cross this mountain and find out what is behind it.”

CARE’s Syrian partner organizations work hard to keep children like Ahmad alive. Children, who have already lost their homes and their schools, urgently need our support.


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