Syria Crisis: “I want my children to have a better life”

Syria Crisis: “I want my children to have a better life”

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Aisha had to flee her home and now lives in a camp in Syria. She gave birth to triplets a few months ago.

A place in the middle of nowhere. No road signs, no stores or shops; only muddy, deserted land and a pond, which contains more sand than water. This deserted land looks far from welcoming, but for Aisha and her three children it has become a safe haven. Aisha is only 22 years old. Her three children are triplets, just a few months old. Before the war started in her home country of Syria, she had married and moved to her husband’s town, far away from where her own family lived. She had to flee when their house was bombed and her husband was killed. At that time she was seven months pregnant.

“This is my oasis,” says Aisha. “I feel safe here.” There is hardly anything in this camp for internally displaced people like Aisha. A few hundred people are living here, but Aisha does not complain. She only wants her children to be safe and to stay alive. “When I arrived, all we had were our clothes and the water from the pond,” Aisha says. “Now we receive help and I can keep my children alive.”

It is difficult to access the area where the camp is located and it has been challenging to deliver food, water and medicine to cover the basic needs of the people living there. However, the birth of Aisha’s three children gave hope and strength to everyone. People want to help her. “Everyone here helped me when my children were born, the children have been sick and we had no food. But everybody did their best to help,” Aisha says. She appreciates the solidarity of her fellow displaced people. They helped her to handle the difficult situation. One young man in the camp says: “The birth of Aisha’s triplets gave us hope. We wanted to make sure that the children stay alive and that we can all stay alive and have a future.”

Aisha is now even more hopeful as she receives assistance from CARE’s partner organization. “I want my children to live somewhere safe. I know one day they will grow up to become doctors and engineers, I want my children to have a better life.” She hopes that she will be able to move to a better camp soon.


Intense fighting in Syria has forcibly displaced more people today than any other country – and there is no end to the conflict in sight. © Photo: 2014 Kathryn Richards/CARE