Today's CARE Package Contains an Education

Today's CARE Package Contains an Education

One of the original CARE Packages© contained basic school supplies like paper and pencils.

Today, CARE delivers lasting change by helping communities create quality education opportunities for children.

In Bamako, the capital of Mali, public schools are overcrowded and inaccessible, and private schools are cost-prohibitive. CARE worked alongside local partners to develop a curriculum that provided out-of-school youth with a chance for a better future. The students learned academic and vocational skills that matched their career aspirations and also gave them newfound confidence to navigate the community around them.

As part of their vocational training, the students were placed in apprenticeships, where they were able to practice their skills and gain experience. In a community where job options are limited, this is a unique opportunity. “If I was not in the [program],” one student said, “I would have just been wandering around the community getting into trouble. Now I have a job and am providing for my family.”

Maiga Oumeissa Maiga was trained as one of the facilitators in the school, and she saw firsthand the positive impact the training and the apprenticeships were having on the young people in her community. When the CARE project ended, she and other women from the local Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) funded and built their own school, thus providing educational opportunities to a new generation of learners.

There are no good school options, so we have made our own.

- Maiga

Their school has been so successful, they have more students than available space, and more young people still are interested in attending. The VSLA group is searching for a larger meeting place that will allow more students to attain their full potential.