Supporting Married, Widowed, and Divorced Adolescents

Funded by the Nike Foundation (2010-2014) and Johnson & Johnson (2014-2017), the TESFA project has worked to improve economic and sexual and reproductive health outcomes for the highly marginalized population of child brides – married, divorced, and widowed adolescent girls – in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. The project combines peer education within small group settings through CARE’s village savings and loans approach. Since 2011, TESFA has reached over 8,000 married girls (ages 14-19) and 2,000 community stakeholders to collaboratively counter the harmful effects of child marriage.

Stories from the Girls

Fikere was married to a man 15 years older, and had to drop out of school.  Read about her, and see more stories about the girls who were in TESFA.

In Their Own Words

Listen to girls and their families talk about their own experiences with child marriage.


Married adolescents who were in TESFA took photos to show us what changed in their lives.  Take a look and see this program through their eyes.


ICRW evaluated TESFA and documented the remarkable changes that the program was able to have.  For example, girls and communities stopped more than 180 child marriages after their experiences with TESFA. 

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Program Highlight: Maternal Mortality

A social-network approach to family planning.

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The Tipping Point

Digging Up The Roots To Replant The Future

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Girls Not Brides

Learn about the partnership

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What Causes Child Marriage?

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Up to 60% of girls without education are married by age 18. 

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Learning from the Tipping Point

What Has the Tipping Point Initiative Learned So Far?

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