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Adolescents' Health

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Married adolescents are especially vulnerable to health problems related to childbearing, and few global health initiatives reach this population.

Adolescence is a unique window of opportunity to shape healthy and successful development. Unfortunately, millions of young people around the world are vulnerable to threats like early marriage, school dropout, unemployment, violence, HIV, and unplanned pregnancy. Twenty-one million girls get pregnant before the age of 19 every year. 

CARE is working to provide high-quality health information and services to youth as well as adults. CARE envisions a world where all young people have the knowledge, skills, capacity, and opportunities they need to transition into a healthy and productive adulthood.    

Married adolescents are especially vulnerable to health problems related to childbearing, and few global health initiatives reach this population. CARE has particular expertise in addressing the needs of married adolescents and supporting them to plan the families and lives they desire. 



girls have been able to avoid unwanted pregnancy with CARE's support

CARE 2019

Highlighted Adolescent Health Programs


To design and test interventions that hold promise for delaying the timing of first birth among married adolescents (ages 15-19) in Niger and Bangladesh.

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TESFA+ aims to capitalize on seven years of research and program experience from TESFA (" hope” in Amharic) to unlock the power and futures of adolescent girls at scale.

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Tipping Point

The Tipping Point initiative identifies the root causes of child, early, and forced marriage and facilitates innovative strategies to create alternative paths for adolescent girls.

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