CARE's Response in Darfur

People are in urgent need of food, shelter, water and emergency supplies.

Country Info

In northern Sudan, CARE is represented by CARE International Switzerland and runs programs mainly in South Darfur and South Kordofan. Its mission is to save lives by providing relief services to internally displaced people, assist conflict-affected populations to restore livelihoods, and promote peace and stability. Current activities include water and sanitation, hygiene education, primary health care, nutrition and livelihoods support.

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Our Work in Sudan

Child Poverty

Half of all children live in poverty, spending their formative years struggling to survive.  

Market Access

More inclusive markets and access can help poor people improve their lives.


There’s a “savings revolution” taking place in many developing countries.

Poverty & Social Justice

Everyone in the world has the right to a life free from poverty, violence and discrimination.


By failing to close the gender gap in agriculture, the world is paying dearly.

Child Marriage

Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at great risk.

Why Women & Girls?

Why does CARE fight global poverty by focusing on women and girls? Because we have to.

Latest News from South SudanSudan

South Sudan: Fear after Sunset

Our Vision

We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.


Rapid Funds Leads to Rapid Response: CARE in Turkey

On the morning of November 5, I joined the CARE Turkey field team responding to the needs of recently-arrived refugees from Kobane, Syria. CARE was one of the first agencies on the ground, with...

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World Food Day: Without Farmers, South Sudan Remains Perilously Close to Famine

The theme for this year’s World Food Day is ‘family farming’ but there’s not a lot to celebrate in South Sudan where the specter of famine looms large. CARE’s Senior Advisor on Emergency Food and...

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South Sudan: Fear after Sunset

“We stay in our tent every night because bad things happen at night here. It’s not safe,” says Josephine, who sits with her four children in a tent the size of a small closet.

Unable to leave their tents after the sun goes down even to use the bathroom for fear of being attacked or sexually assaulted, women and girls in South Sudan tell me they sometimes feel like prisoners.

Josephine squeezes her children when she recalls what it felt like to be safe, secure and hopeful for her family’s future. Before the conflict broke out in December 2013, she and her husband were...

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South Sudan: Surviving on Hopes for Peace

“When will the world help us live in peace again?” That’s the burning question that Nyagadh has as she tries to resume some kind of life in an internally displaced persons (IDP) camp, but living in fear of fighting and wondering how she will feed her family is not the life she thought she would have to face again.

Before the fighting broke out last December, life was improving for Nyagadh. She and her husband owned a successful restaurant that generated enough income for them to own a home, feed their family three times a day and put all eight of their children through school. Many...

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The Mathematics of Crisis: Adding Up the Facts for Action

In 2011, it took 16 official warnings of a food security crisis before famine was finally declared in Somalia. The human cost of this was at least...

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No More Summits, Time for Action

As world leaders convene at the UN General Assembly and John Kerry, US Secretary of State, convenes a high-level review of efforts on the global ‘Call to Action on Violence Against Women...

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South Sudan: Anger bites for the women of Malakal

by Aimee Ansari, Country Director for CARE International in South Sudan In the shower in the Malakal UN Protection of Civilians (PoC) site, as I dodged a swarm of mosquitoes, I realize...

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A Goat Can Make You Happy

We asked women what changes they wanted to see in their lives. Their answers might surprise you. Reading through the pile of documents at work today, I ran across a remarkable truth—a goat can...

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Sudan Country Fact Sheet

October 2012

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Bentiu, South Sudan – Peter’s Story

By Barbara Jackson, Humanitarian Director, CARE International Peter Bothi is a storekeeper with the CARE South Sudan team in Bentiu. He is in charge of maintaining the inventory records...

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