Syrian Refugee Crisis

There is no time to wait

There is no time for humanitarian paralysis in the face of Syrian suffering

Today's CARE Package

CARE Packages containing food and supplies helped European refugees survive after World War II. Today’s CARE Package provides debit cards that Syrian refugees use to buy blankets, food and other essentials.

A Plea from Aleppo: "Please Save Us"

The inhabitants of Aleppo are frightened by reports of the arrest, detention, and disappearances of civilians. They need our help NOW.

Nearly 5 Million People Have Fled

You can help us reach refugees in need and support our poverty-fighting programs by making your tax-deductible gift today.

Special Delivery

Once child refugees themselves, recipients of the world’s first CARE Packages pay it forward 70 years later, sending compassion — and so much more — to Syrian refugee children.

CARE For Refugees

Stand alongside the almost 60 million refugees in the world today.

Help Give Syrian Children a Future

Syria’s ongoing civil war has forced millions of Syrian children to put their lives – and dreams – on hold.

SYRIA: Images From Inside

An illustration of the life Syrian refugees left behind, images shared with CARE Syrian refugee volunteers, as captured by their family who have remained behind.

CARE Calls for Action to Address Causes of Crisis

If you had to flee, what would you take?

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CARE Extends Help to Refugees in the Balkans

Hope for a better future in Germany

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Syrian refugees share their stories of crisis

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Press Release

"Words alone are not enough.”

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Get The Facts

Almost half of the population of Syria is displaced or in need of assistance.

Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Growing More Dire

More than five years since the start of the Syrian war, the humanitarian plight of 6.6 million people displaced inside Syria and the 4.8 million refugees scattered in the region is growing more dismal by the day. It's considered the worst humanitarian crisis since the second World War.

Syrian Refugees Desperately Hope to Return Home

"We are proud of who we are and we want our homeland back." CARE International’s Humanitarian Director Barbara Jackson tells the stories of Syrian refugees living in urban settlements in Jordan. 

What's Happening in Syria?

Intense fighting in Syria has forcibly displaced more people today than any other country – and there is no end in sight to the conflict. Every day, thousands of Syrians flee violence to seek out food, protection, medical care and other urgently-needed aid, mostly in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt. There are 12 million people inside Syria displaced or in desperate need of humanitarian aid. At least half of the displaced are children. 

While safer, life outside of Syria is increasingly difficult. Having left most everything behind, the majority of the 4 million refugees are struggling to meet the most basic needs including unemployment, rising living costs and lack of education for their children. Housing, schools, health clinics and local economies of the host countries are overwhelmed and the needs of both refugees and the communities hosting them are growing by the day.

CARE is reaching people impacted by the conflict, with humanitarian assistance, in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Yemen and inside Syria providing life-saving emergency assistance as well as solutions to help people cope with the longer term crisis.

How CARE works in emergencies


CARE helps communities plan for emergencies; provides lifesaving assistance when disaster strikes; and remains on the ground to support families and communities during the long road to recovery.


In emergencies, CARE is among the first to arrive and the last to leave, helping people survive and rebuild their lives and communities in the aftermath of disaster, conflict and crisis.