What Is CARE Enterprises?

What Is CARE Enterprises?

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CARE Enterprises is a business venture started by CARE to bridge the gap between demand and supply that exists between formal markets and many of the world's poorest communities.

CARE Enterprises identifies, develops and scales innovative platforms to efficiently distribute essential and high quality consumer products and services to consumers at the bottom of the pyramid.

Economic Pyramid

CARE Enterprises also develops models that aggregate products from small producers as a source of needed supply, generating employment, income and access to markets. Additionally, CARE partners with communities, companies and universities to research, develop and analyze our initiatives.

Through CARE Enterprises, CARE incubates promising business models that emerge from our programs to ensure long-term social and economic returns.

CARE Enterprises focuses specifically on ventures with the potential to grow to a large scale and become “game-changers” in the fight against poverty. CARE Enterprises conducts initial experimentation, piloting and proof-of-concept development. We test ideas and models, provide the intensive incubation and support required, gather, institutionalize and share what we learn.

For additional information on CARE Enterprises or to inquire about partnering with us, please contact:

Francois Jung-Rozenfarb
Sr. Director, Social Enterprises
151 Ellis Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303-2440 USA