CARE Enterprises

CARE Enterprises

Invest in Scalable Solutions

Business and capital markets can be uniquely powerful forces for positive social and environmental change. CARE Enterprises operates with this mindset to create transformative, dignified economic opportunities for people experiencing poverty by investing in proven and scalable social enterprises.

CARE Enterprises was initially created as a for-profit subsidiary to support enterprises growing out of CARE’s global development programs. These investments leveraged the infrastructure, value chain models, and distribution networks built with development and philanthropic contributions to attract private capital investment and ensure the growth and sustainability of these efforts.

After piloting this model, we are now seeing a greater opportunity in moving downstream and investing in more mature enterprises to enable impact at scale, and, more broadly, expanding to include enterprises outside of the direct CARE network.

CARE Enterprises focuses on enterprises across sectors that have proven their business model and financial viability, and provides capital at the critical funding gap between start-up funding and larger scale, lower risk tolerance sources of capital. These enterprises in turn create jobs or additional income while increasing the affordability to essential goods and services, sparking a transition out of poverty, sometimes within one generation.

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