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CARE Impact Partners

An African man and woman bend over to tend to crops in a field. The woman, who is in the foreground, is smiling.

There is a way to balance people and profits.

CARE Impact Partners can help you adopt a risk-smart approach for securing resilient, reputable, and viable supply chains, while helping the people who work in them earn living incomes, and live prosperous, equitable lives.

We help global consumer brands strengthen their supply chains and adapt to rapidly changing labor, gender equity, and sustainability regulations, risks, and opportunities.

We do this by using our on-the ground technical expertise in international development to dig deep into the root causes of supply chain risks, and work closely with brands to understand their business needs and sustainability goals.

We then design evidence-based roadmaps, frameworks, toolkits, training, and programs that deliver:

  • Positive change for women and communities in supply chains
  • Improved supply chain resilience and mitigated procurement risks
  • Long-term measurable results and return on investment
  • Value for employees, partners, customers, and investors