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Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals/Quote (RFP/RFQ) Opportunities List

Below is a list of Request for Proposals and/or Request for Quotes opportunities that are currently available with CARE USA. The specific project objectives as well as its context and timelines are explained in the attached document(s).

These RFPs have been developed to facilitate CARE’s desire to solicit proposals using a competitive bid process. Your proposal should specifically address the needs and business scenarios outlined in the attached document. In an effort to obtain the overall best value, CARE USA follows a transparent and fair procurement process. Suppliers are welcome to bid for any contracts suitable to your business expertise.

This page will be updated as more RFP opportunities are posted.

Current RFP opportunities

CARE's Scaling Network: Solutions for Climate Resilience and Adaptation

CARE seeks to partner with and globally scale best-in-class social enterprises with proven solutions for advancing small-scale producers’ adaptation and resilience to climate change.

Submissions must be received by May 19, 2023.

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