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Commitment to Women’s Empowerment.

Gap Inc. and CARE began working together almost 20 years ago and continue to partner today based on a strong shared commitment to women’s empowerment. Over the years, Gap Inc. and CARE have expanded their focus from garment factory workers to broader community-based initiatives, incorporating life skills training to increase the effectiveness of crucial development programming such as water, sanitation, and hygiene; financial literacy; and livelihoods training.

With support from Gap Inc., CARE is working over the next several years to train at least 230,000 women in Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Haiti, Indonesia, and Jordan on effective communication, problem-solving and decision-making, and time and stress management. Women who have participated in the program report being able to better navigate disagreements in their households, advocate for themselves at home and at work, and come together to negotiate with local leaders for improved services and infrastructure for their communities and families.

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