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As a key strategy of its global COVID-19 response, Tiffany & Co. launched a two month “Infinite Strength” campaign in which 100% of the profits from the Tiffany Infinity Collection will support CARE’s COVID response work, with a minimum $2 million dollar contribution. Tiffany & Co. asked their employees to vote for a cause that the Infinite Strength campaign should support to help vulnerable communities during the pandemic and the majority of employees voted for financial security. Tiffany & Co. chose CARE to partner with based upon the organization’s deep expertise in over 90 countries, a focus on building strategies around the needs of women and girls, and an ability to specifically address financial security issues as the pandemic has the potential to push at least 70 million more people into extreme poverty in the United States and around the world. Tiffany & Co.’s contribution will support CARE as it assists millions of people meet immediate needs, close the gap due to lost wages, attain added financial resilience, provide financial continuity to small business and unlock the powerful potential of women and girls who are hit hardest by poverty.

Learn more about Tiffany & Co. philanthropy: https://www.tiffany.com/sustainability/philanthropy/