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Art for Vaccines

Collage by Roy Lichtenstein showing CARE Packages
Collage for CARE Poster, 1993. © Estate of Roy Lichtenstein               

The Art for Vaccines campaign builds on CARE’s legacy of collaborating with artists and collectors to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. Art both shines a light on inequality and urges us to take action. CARE has partnered with a number of artists throughout our history, including Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, Maurice Sendak, Jim Dine, and the estate of Pablo Picasso.

CARE is inviting artists and collectors to join together with Dorothy Lichtenstein, who has generously donated her husband’s original CARE collage (pictured above), to support CARE in meeting the greatest challenge of our time: the COVID-19 pandemic. Mrs. Lichtenstein hopes her gift will inspire other collectors and artists to also support CARE.

“Working with CARE was an obvious choice.”
– Claude Picasso, son of Pablo Picasso

The centerpiece of the Art for Vaccines campaign will be the sale of the original Lichtenstein Collage on May 13th at Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Auction during the day sale. CARE is calling on collectors to bid on this unique piece and support CARE’s urgent COVID-19 vaccine efforts.

Lichtenstein created the CARE Collage in 1993 to support the World Hunger Campaign. Today we know that no one is safe, until everyone is safe.

The auction is now live. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE AUCTION AND BID.


Learn about the auction

Dorothy Lichtenstein and Ford Foundation President Darren Walker discuss the Art for Vaccines auction.

Dorothy Lichtenstein and Darren Walker presenting the Art for Vaccines auction on a Zoom call.

CARE would like to thank our host committee members for their generous support:

Dorothy Lichtenstein

The Rubell Family

Kim and Jon Shirley

Radhika Jones

Christy MacLear

Lydia Fenet

Darren Walker

Amanda Peet

Bonnie Lautenberg

James Murdoch

For more information about CARE’s COVID vaccination response:


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